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Menu:  2019 Legislative Session



New State Senators  

Robert Antonacci, ESQ.

Alessandra Biaggi, ESQ.

Andrew Gounardes, ESQ.

Robert Jackson

Daphne Jordan, ESQ.

Anna Kaplan, ESQ.

John Liu

Monica Martinez

Zellnor Myrie, ESQ.

Kevin Thomas, ESQ.


New State Assembly Members

Pat Burke (D) -- Committee on Local Gov'ts

Marianne Buttenschon (D)

Marjorie Byrnes, ESQ. (R)  -- Judiciary Committee

Catalina Cruz (D)

Joe DeStefano (R)

Simcha Eichenstein (D)

Charles Fall  (D) -- chair/Subcommittee on Consumer Fraud Protection;
Committee on Corporations, Authorities, & Commissions

Mathylde Frontus (D)

Judy Griffin (D)

Jonathan Jacobson, ESQ. (D) -- Committee on Local Gov'ts; Eletion Law

Michael LiPetri (R) -- Committee on Corporations, Authorities, & Commissions

Brian Manktelow (R) -- ranking member/Committee on Oversight, Analysis & Investigation

Karen McMahon, ESQ. (D)  -- Committee on Local Gov'ts

Karines Reyes (D)

Taylor Raynor (D) -- Committee on Local Gov'ts

Jamie Romeo (D) -- Committee on Local Gov'ts

Michael Reilly  (R)

John Salka  (R)

Nader Sayegh (D)

Colin Schmitt (R) -- local gov'ts

Robert Smullen (R)

Mark Walczyk (R)

Are the Newbies the same old, same old?

    Senate Finance Committee
NEWBIES: Robert Antonacci, ESQ., John Liu, Kevin Thomas, ESQ.

Senate Committee on Budget & Revenues
NEWBIES: Robert Antonacci, ESQ., John Liu, Monica Martinez

Senate Judiciary Committee 
NEWBIES Andrew Gounardes, ESQ., Anna Kaplan, ESQ.,
Zellnor Myrie, ESQ., Kevin Thomas, ESQ.

Senate Codes Committee
NEWBIES Andrew Gounardes, ESQ.,

Senate Committee on Civil Service & Pensions
NEWBIES:  Andrew Gounardes, ESQ.,
Robert Jackson

      Senate Committee on Investigations & Gov't Operations:
NEWBIESAlessandra Biaggi, ESQ.

Senate Ethics & Internal Governance
 NEWBIES:  Alessandra Biaggi, ESQ.
, Daphne Jordan, ESQ.


Assembly Committee on Ways & Means

Assembly Committee on Oversight, Analysis & Investigations
NEWBIE:  Brian Manktelow

Assembly Committee on Government Operations
NEWBIES:  Harvey Epstein, ESQ.,

Assembly Judiciary Committee
NEWBIE:  Marjorie Byrnes, ESQ.



January 19, 2018
"Senator Jacobs calling for term limits for all elected state leaders"
WBFO  (Eileen Buckley)

January 19, 2018
"Parts of NYS budget have little to do with spending"
2WGRZ (Dave McKinley)

August 31, 2016
"Jacob proposes a reform plan
that will bring 'Democracy back to Albany'"
WBFO (Chris Caya)

May 8, 2015
"Term limits draws minimal response"
WBFO (Michael Mroziak)





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