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CJA's February 11, 2013 complaint,
filed with Office of Court Administration Inspector General

CJA's February 11, 2013 complaint
to Unified Court System Inspector General Sherrill Spatz 
"Complaint against New York County Clerk Norman Goodman for obstructing justice and collusion in record tampering..."

CJA's October 26, 2012 complaint to New York County Clerk Norman Goodman -- 
"Quality Control at the New York County Clerk's Office
:...(1) Official Misconduct by Chief County Clerk James A. Rossetti; (2) Official Misconduct by Chief Clerk Joseph F. Antonelli; (3) Official Misconduct by a Uniformed Officer, believed to be a 'major', who refused to give his name or badge number; (4) Certification Request Pursuant to Judiciary Law 255"

CJA's October 26, 2012 Affidavit in support of complaint --
 -- Affidavit in support of misconduct complaint against Chief Deputy County Clerk Joseph A. Rossetti, Chief Clerk Joseph F. Antonelli, & uniformed officer who refused to furnish his name or badge number"

  Exhibit A:  photos -- photo; photo; photo; photo, photo

     Exhibit B:  Executive Summary to CJA's October 27, 2011  Opposition Report 

     Exhibit C:  Bronx Co. Clerk's Office website

     Exhibit D:  Plaintiff Sassower's August 30, 2012 letter to Assistant Attorney General Andrew Meier

     Exhibit E:  Assistant Attorney General Meier's September 12, 2012 and September 13, 2012 e-mails

     Exhibit F:  Plaintiff Sassower's unresponded-to e-mails to Chief Clerk Antonelli, with cc's to Chief Deputy Clerk James Rossetti, Assistant Attorney General Andrew Meier, & Bronx Co. Records Managment Officer Mark Nusenbaum

     (1) October 11, 2012 e-mail -- "Call to Chief Deputy Clerk Rossetti: WHAT IS THE STATUS: Missing Records..."

     (2) October 10, 2012 e-mail -- "I HAVE BEEN WAITING ON THE LINE:  WHAT IS THE STATUS? Missing Records..."

     (3) September 28, 2012 e-mail -- "WHAT IS THE STATUS? Missing Records..."

    (4) September 20, 2012 e-mail -- "STATUS: Missing Records"

    (5) September 14, 2012 e-mail -- "Missing Record..." 

November 9, 2012 letter from Administrative Judge Heitler's law clerk --
"Center for Judicial Accountability, et al. v. Cuomo, et al., Index No. 401988/2012"

November 16, 2012 letter from Manhattan District Attorney Public Integrity Unit Chief Dan Cort

CJA's January 10, 2013 letter-complaint to New York County Clerk Goodman -- 
"STATUS OF CJA'S OCTOBER 26, 2012 LETTER: Quality Control at the New York County Clerk's Office..."




CJA's February 11, 2013 letter to Sherry Klein Heitler, Administrative Judge for Civil Matters/First Judicial Department -- "Your Mandatory Supervisory and Disciplinary Responsibilities..." 

Administrative Judge Klein Heitler's February 13, 2013 letter


CJA's May 1, 2013 letter to Inspector General Spatz --
"Your Nonfeasance and Misfeasance
February 11, 2013 complaint against New York County Clerk Norman Goodman for obstructing justice and collusion in record tampering: Center for Judicial Accountability, Inc., et al. v. Cuomo, et al. (NY Co. #401988/2012)


CJA's March 7, 2013 FOIL request to OCA for records relating to Office of Inspector General

OCA's March 20, 2013 FOIL response

CJA's July 15, 2013 FOIL request to OCA for records relating to Office of Inspector General

OCA's July 22, 2013 FOIL response



"county clerks in New York City receive a salary not less than that received by a Judge of the Civil Court of New York City, subject to possible increases by the Chief Administrator of the Courts (County Law, § 908).", Durante v. Evans, 94 A.D.2d 141, 145 (3rd Dept. 1983)


Articles of Note -- about Chief Administrative Judge Heitler -- "New York's Real Scandal", NYT, 1/30/15 (Joe Nocera)






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