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Center for Judicial Accountability, et al. v. Cuomo, et al
(Albany Co. #5122-16)




How the Attorney General Litigates --
March 22, 2017 Opposition Papers





Assistant Attorney General Adrienne Kerwin's March 22, 2017 affirmation

      Ex. A:  plaintiffs' September 2, 2016 verified complaint (w/o exhibits)
       Ex. B:   Justice Hartman's December 21, 2016 decision
       Ex. C:   defendants' verified answer (by Kerwin)



Assistant Attorney General Kerwin's March 22, 2017 "memorandum of law in opposition to motion, via order to show cause, for disqualification, reargument, renewal, vacatur, and litigation costs"


cited cases:

Point I -- judicial disqualification
Ralis v. Ralis, 146 AD3d 831(2nd Dept 2017)
Pines v. State of New York, 115 AD3d 80 (2nd Dept. 2014)
People v. Call
, 287 AD2d 877 (3rd Dept. 2001)
People v. Miller, 194 AD3d 230 (4th Dept. 1993)

Modica v. Modica, 15 AD3d 635 (2nd Dept 2005)
Galanti v. Kraus, 98 A.D.3d 559 (2d Dept 2012)
Spremo v. Babchik, 155 Misc. 2d 796 (Sup. Ct./NY Co. 1992)


Point II -- reargument/renewal
Rakhlev v. New York City Housing Authority,
253 A.D.2d 526, 527 (2nd Dept. 1998)

Carr v. Integon General Ins. Corp.,

185 AD2d 831 (2nd Dept 1992)


referred-to link for Denise Hartman


Point III -- vacatur
Hitchcock v. Pyramid Centes of Empire State Co.,
151 AD2d 837, 839 (3rd Dept. 1989)


Point IV -- costs
Carp v. Marcus
116 AD2d 854, 854 (3rd Dept 1986)





Plaintiffs' March 24, 2017 letter to Justice Hartman -- Plaintiffs' Request to Adjourn to March 28, 2017 their Order to Show Cause, Returnable Today -- & Notice to the Attorney General

Enclosures -- Senate 2017 "amended" bills  
                       Senate 2016 "amended" bills  


                      Assembly 2017 "amended" bills

                      Assembly 2016 "amended" bills





Justice Hartman's March 24, 2017 letter



                    see subsequent correspondence: HERE




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