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webpage for CJA's September 20, 2018 conflict-of-interest/corruption complaint
against Appellate Division, Third Department Presiding Justice Garry
& Associate Justices Egan, Devine, and Pritzker



website of Commission on Judicial Conduct




CJA's September 20, 2018 conflict-of-interest/corruption complaint  to NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct -- against Appellate Division, Third Department Presiding Justice Elizabeth Garry and Associate Justices John Egan, Jr., Eugene Devine, and Stanley Pritzker for willfully violating mandatory judicial disqualification/disclosure rules to “throw” the appeal of a citizen-taxpayer action in which they are financially interested & have personal and professional relationships with, and dependencies on, defendant-respondents, among others – Center for Judicial Accountability, et al. v. Cuomo, et al.  (App. Div. 3rd Dept  #527081)

Exhibit A:   pages 25-28 of "legal autopsy"/analysis of Asst. Solicitor General Brodie's July 23, 2018 letter, annexed as Exhibit Z to appellant Sassower's August 1, 2018 reply affidavit

Exhibit B:  pages 3-4 of "legal autopsy"/analysis of Ass.t Solicitor General Brodie's August 3, 2018 memorandum, annexed as Exhibit DD to appellant Sassower's August 6, 2018 reply affidavit

 webpage for:
CJA's June 16, 2017 conflict-of-interest/corruption complaint
vs Acting Supreme Court Justice/Court of Claims Judge Denise Hartman --
& supplements


webpage for:
September 10, 2018
Appellants' Order to Show Cause

to Disqualify the Court for Demonstrated Actual Bias & Other Relief

Commission's September 24, 2018 acknowledgment letter, with enclosed brochure --
"RE: File Nos. 2018/A-0284, 0285, 0286, 0287"

Commission's October 3, 2018 acknowledgment letter --
"RE: File No. 2018/A-0284, 0285, 0286, 0287"

CJA's January 7, 2018 e-mail -- "Status:  CJA's Sept. 20, 2018 Conflict-of-Interest/Corruption Complaints #2018/A-0284,0285, 0286, & 0287"

Commission's January 4, 2019 dismissal letter


CJA's January 22, 2019 letter to Commission -- "Request for Substantiation of Clerk Savanyu's January 4, 2019 Letter"

CJA's February 13, 2019 e-mail to Commission -- "MISSING RESPONSE --
....Request for Substantiation of Clerk Savanyu's January 4, 2019 Letter"

CJA's February 15, 2019 e-mail to Commission -- "AGAIN -- MISSING RESPONSE -- ....Request for Substantiation of Clerk Savanyu's January 4, 2019 Letter"

Commission's mailed February 14, 2019 letter

CJA's February 26, 2019 FOIL request to Commission on Judicial Conduct --
 "Lawsuit challenges to the Commission on Judicial Conduct,
particularly by complainants whose complaints the Commission dismissed
or had not determined"

Commission's March 4, 2019 letter



click here for: 
CJA's SECOND citizen-taxpayer action --

(born September 2, 2016 - murdered February 18, 2020)

CJA's FIRST citizen-taxpayer action --

(born March 28, 2014 - murdered August 1, 2016)






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