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The below was sent to the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption on September 11, 2013, in support of a request to testify at the Commission's September 17th hearing in Manhattan.   She received no response.

I was a victim of domestic violence and secured an order of protection against my ex-boyfriend Craig Berkhan on 2005 and 2006, with whom I had a son.  He violated the order of protection by using cocaine,marijuana, and heroin which the court ignored his positive hair analysis.  As a result of all the upset 1/2007, I had to be hospitalized for a nervous breakdown, which my ex-boyfriend, former husband and there attorney which was the same used to slander me as insane & having severe mental issues.  In so doing, my ex-boyfriend was able to obtain custody of our son, notwithstanding he was under the influence of drugs and my former husband was able to get custody of my two daughters. They both filed orders of protections with false accusations accusing me of beating my children and other accusations which were untrue..

I have been severely wronged in the Suffolk County Family Court  

Judge Andrew Tarrantino Jr. who wrongly overturned Suffolk County Family Court Judge  ___ Kelly’s original custody order with "no change of circumstances", except fraudulent facts by Judge Tarrantino.

I then wrote to Judge Kelly, who had originally given me custody, informing him of what Judge Tarrantino had done, but there was no response from him, nor from the supervising Judge Freudlich.Which Craig Berkhan Sr was granted supervised visitation due to his drug use, all ignored by Judge Andrew Tarrantino) in regards to Craig Berkhan Jr then 2. and Judge Andrew Tarrantino gave custody to Craig Berkhan Sr. under influence of drugs and in contempt of a previous court order dated 2006,he was arrested for domestic violence and no alcohol and drug use was in Orders of protection against him for 2005 and 2006 for a year duration each court order, all ignored by court and court falsely slandered me on Paul Meller's(psychologist) false forensic frozen to date, which Laura Golightly allowed me to briefly read in courtroom 1/28/08, while on court transcript dated 1/28/08 Laura Golightly appointed attorney states "my client has no findings against her so she doesn't understand why Craig Berkan Jr is still in his care when he has tested positive for drugs".

I paid attorneys $28,000 and none of them represented me properly, resulting in court rulings that terminated my parental rights, to such a degree that I was not given any contact with my children and I was required to pay child support.

Suffolk County Child Protective Services failed to file writ petition to get my son out of imminent danger fully knowing the circumstances and Judge Tarrantino’s fraudulent rulings. Albany Child Protective Services  mailed me file, Sharon Blitz hand wrote a note on file "She is entitled to this one her child". Steve Levy office County Executive refused to do anything when I went to their office in 2007 and current executive Steve Bellone office after I faxed them all documents proving all now refuses to help and told me I was harassing them by calling them.

In Judge Tarrantino's custody ruling he ordered me to be placed on drugs when a judge is not an MD, and go to counseling and then ignored a clean medical evaluation and counseling evaluation dated 3/07 stating I was fine and didn't require any medications and stress caused my episode of disorientation 1/12/07,and then 7/07 criticized me for sending "voluminous faxes" of evidence after I fired Brian L. Salamone for misrepresenting me so inadequately and was then pro se which he called "ex parte communication".

I also have additional clean evals dated 2009 and 2011 documenting the torture I have endured by court misconduct from 2007 to date. I was placed on supervised 2/07 to 9/08 visitation for my son Craig Berkhan Jr. and then my mother Marie Stein and neighbor Jennifer Bastedo were called inapproiate after being approved to supervise visits after they also approved anyone to supervise then deemed that inapproiate and then my rights terminated for objecting to the unlawful repeated rulings and being ordered to EAC with no creditable basis other than court harassment and I refused to sign authorization at EAC with no basis for such treatment by court with a clean eval dated 3/07 and stated that on authorization, while Craig Berkhan Sr had tested positive for Cocaine on 2/9/07 and Opiates 1/28/08 while my son was in his care, and a founded CPS report of abuse 5/07 to my son as he hit my son so hard he left a hand imprint on his torso for a week. My right to see my son was then terminated by EAC for questioning my son walking into EAC with bruises on his head stating to me and there staff "Daddy is not beating me anymore". Susan DeNatale my appointed attorney was aware of this and did nothing and misrepresented me twice to Appellate court.

My visitation was terminated for objecting to the inapproiate court and EAC misconduct in regards to my son's well-being and questioning it in front of my son while making the staff aware of the bruises on his head and my son stating to me he was banging his head at school. I never got to see my son at his preschool or anything because of the parental alienation they had done to me by their inapproiate decisions. I haven’t seen my son since,yet imputed 25k arrears of child support. I refuse to pay Craig Berkhan or Larry Vessia anything and want them held accountable for perjury. I want my name restored and damages for the court slandering me and violating me and my children so inhumanly and all held accountable for misconduct. Color of Law violated and court misconduct. Haven’t seen my daughter Danielle since 1/10/07 yet imputed 4k arrears child support. Craig Berkhan Sr. gets to tax evade for 23 years, lie to the court about facts and income to court on court filings, financial affidavit, and provide only one year tax return (as he was cash off books for past 23 years), yet it is obvious that his 6 month checking account statement provided to the court shows double and almost triple what he claims as he provided the court with a un-notarized financial affidavit they accepted as evidence (failing to mention the RV he bought or truck he has that I own too or boat he owes me debt on in his possession which he sold, all on promissory note court has, because the police allowed him to remove it off premises of 334 Columbia Street Holbrook on 1/10/07 illegally, when I kicked him out of my home for his verbal, mental (leaving my home with undone construction of laminated flooring as further entrapment and financial abuse and abusive behavior in household and failing to support his son or debt and household expenses as he bounced a check written to me 1/8/07. I was an at home full-time mom with a home and responsible for 3 children the youngest age 2.I also found out he lied in our relationship and is married to someone else for over 10 years and never got a divorce. I also caught him cheating that and his drug use prompted me to kick him out 1/10/07.He is a pig and the NY court officials emulate his behavior and torture and harass me for 5 years to date and expect me to reward him financially on erroneous rulings as NY courts threaten me with incarceration on child support orders and deny me counsel or due process and deny all my prose petitions to date. On 1/7/07,with my ex-husband Larry Vessia coaching my daughter to harass me which I made police report 1/7/07 due to Danielle Vessia inapproiate behavior my daughter tackled me for an inapproiate dvd she taped at her fathers and asked me to make a copy of and Larry Vessia filed a CPS report because I pushed her off me and she fell into her brothers toys and I got falsely accused of abuse when I was getting abused by all and then on 1/8/07 she refused to come home and I was called to Sachem High School to pick her up and spent over 2 hours there with my 2 year old son the school informed her she needed to go home with me because I was custodial parent. Law guardians were aware of all facts and got copy of DVD and phone messages proving Larry Vessia and Craig Berkhan (illegally entered my home and stole my sons furniture) and were communicating on my home phone week of 1/12/07. With Larry Vessia and Craig Berkhan trying harass me that week, I had an anxiety attack 1/12/07 I was fine next day and hospital transferred me to Brunswick with the lie they had to take additional tests and refused to release me because of the false police report the 5th precinct Officer Wasserman did. As I was in hospital Craig Berkhan illegally entered home and staged it and then in court I was accused of throwing the contents of my home out on my deck including my sons crib and wall units that would be physically impossible for me to do. I had an anxiety attack due to the domestic violence by both my ex's and on 1/12/07 my ex-husband filed false police report with mistruths after arguing with me on phone, refusing to return my daughter causing me to become disoriented after conversation and physical over-exertion of cleaning and moving furniture, and vacuuming unconstructed flooring and smoking a cigarette because of the immense stress I was under. My ex-husband called hospital claiming to be my husband and violated HIPPA slandering more and filed court orders accusing me of abusing my children in collaboration with Craig Berkhan Sr. all unfounded on CPS reports .The court allowed the collusion and slandered me erroneously on Paul Meller's report. Police wrote a false report on 1/12/07 stating I was suicidal with no evidence to such when I was just disoriented on my cell and home phone making calls in front of neighbors in foyer of home, from the week's events of stress and my neighbor Jennifer Bastedo was witness (her testimony was ignored so was an affidavit she did as she witnessed the abuse by Craig Berkhan many times) because I called her over to my home and then another neighbor friend's with Craig (he would fish with her husband) came over and falsely accused me of beating her up with no evidence Louisa Patterson and never took stand in court and then I got slandered as insane erroneously in Tarrantino's court yet you must be sane and competent to stand trial and represent yourself prose. On court petitions Craig Berkhan testified he worked for his boss for 23 years, promissory note admitting abuse to me as a domestic violence victim notarized by Robert DePaolo his attorney, the financial entrapment of debt he stuck me (truck and boat) with that he owes me over 35k plus interest, he and my ex-husband Larry Vessia have perjured facts to the court and made false accusations against me on court orders with no evidence both represented by Robert DePaolo who has also lied on facts and is being paid illegally by Craig Berkhan Sr. through a Real estate Holding Corp. and lying to court on affidavit. Paul Meller a forensic falsely testified against me with no creditable evidence stating I was everything but suicidal. Clean evals were ignored on me and I was falsely slandered as insane yet imputed 100% of my pay by Aletha Ferrera as Craig Berkhan gets to lie on income and when I did downward modifications prose they were ignored by Judge Grier who even stated he lied about his income yet I was also ordered to pay his attorney, as my former attorneys Eleanor Gery and Bryan L. Salamone billed me approx 20k and grossly misrepresented me in custody and child support matters. When I represented myself prose on downward modifications it was denied with prejudice numerous times. Judge Crowley originally found in my favor against legal malpractice against Bryan L. Salamone bill pro see then on a trial DE Nova he found for my former attorney even though he misrepresented me by calling no witnesses and doing nothing about false slander or Craig Berkhans positive drug testing’s, and founded CPS report in regards to beating my son.I have done nothing wrong and have been falsely accused of beating my children with no evidence by my ex's and misrepresented by my former attorneys. I have been falsely slandered as "insane" yet imputed all my pay erroneously, when" I am not disabled in anyway", yet my children are ripped out of my life on false character assassination by Judge Tarrantino and law guardian Liz Justensen with no creditable basis and my son is now being brought up by an alcoholic, drug addict that has abused him Craig Berkhan Sr. I am financially ruined by their actions and obstructed from survival and making a living on wrongly imputed child support orders and falsely slandered online on erroneous Appellate decision which is void under Color of Law with Berkhan spelled "Berkham". While both my ex-husband Larry Vessia and Craig Berkhan are allowed to lie perjury and use their children as pawns in process for financial gain. My home is in foreclosure because Judge Spinner (foreclosure judge)who was aware of all the facts have denied me modification based on roommate rental income my only source of income from 2009 to 2010,since I was taken to court excessively over 80 times in 2 yrs. 2007 to 2008 and lost 2 jobs in process and now my name and work history, and reputation is slandered due to their wrongful actions against me, I am under unlawful orders in regards to my children. My home is now closed up with utilities off since dead beat renters scammed me too in all this. I was denied unemployment when I lost my job for going to court to file child support modifications prose on file in employment hearing . My boss at UCP of Suffolk lied and said I quit so they didn't have to pay unemployment and that judge ignored my emails to her asking for days off and court petitions I filed pro se on 12/1/08 and 12/2/08. All witnesses and truth on my behalf has been ignored and then called inapproiate. The system is being inapproiate in regards to all facts and evidence. I have done no wrong to deserve such treatment all my civil and constitutional rights are being grossly violated by a corrupt and unjust and unethical court system This constitutes malicious prosecution, obstruction of justice, court misconduct, Color of Law violated, denied due process, gender bias , Qai tum, parental custody and rights terminated illegally by court, parental alienation, custodial interference, slander/defamation of character, police misconduct by writing a false report, attorney misconduct and all my civil rights violated .I am losing my home due to the circumstances the court has created wrongly against me and the bank is aware of all circumstances and they have committed misconduct by not producing the original note, predatory lending and harassing me by phone calls from 2009 to date and ignoring my counter petition prose and failing to award me home since they don't have clear legal title when I have repeatedly told them to put any correspondence in writing or before court in CT now since Judge Spinner has made an unlawful ruling in regards to foreclosure proceedings .Judge Friedlich has ignored my certified mailings to him and phone calls as supervising Judge and Patrick Leis has just recently wrote to me claiming he has no jurisdiction with a response letter dated 2 years ago which I never received enclosed in his recent letter. I am being threatened by Aletha Ferrera and Judge Grier and Judge Joan Genchi on wrongful child support orders with incarceration yet denied attorney representation when the court has broken me financially now to nothing left. Appellate Division 2nd Department and Family Court has denied me every petition from 2007 to date denying due process and all my prose petitions. My ex-husband Larry Vessia has recently served me improperly to Surrogate Court in regards to my handicap daughter at Maryhaven which I to date have full custody denied my rights by Judge Tarrantino since 2007 through unlawful rulings and supervised visitation on their premises. I have made Surrogate court aware of all circumstances with a prose counter petition. Maryhaven's principal slandered me erroneously to CPS for their own agenda after I questioned my daughter being attacked twice on their premises with no explanation of their staff inadequate supervision. My ex-husband stated to me in hallway of Islip family court "I'm going to get Maryhaven on my side". Maryhaven helped to alienate me and slander me and they now get my daughter’s Social Security check with no accounting of spending to me for approx. 4 years now and no contact from staff in regards to my daughter while I'm under a visitation order on their grounds only in regards to my daughter and live in CT now because of the collusion of being wronged by all and on a revoked driver’s license due to excessive child support imputed illegally by court in regards to Danielle Vessia now 19 at 4k arrears and Craig Berkhan Jr 25k arrears while they have terminated my rights on unlawful rulings to my children. Haven’t seen my daughter Danielle since 1/2007 because order states only if she chooses to see me and she lied and said I beat her to go live with her father so she can't face me for what she has done. EAC and Family court terminated my right to see my son on lies 9/2008 when I protested him being with a drug addict, alcoholic. abusive father and from 1/2007 to 9/2008 they placed me on supervised visitation for a few hours a week with no creditable basis for doing so. I had retained Robert Rambadadt 5k with my last cash value of life insurance I had and he did nothing as per retainer but took my money he was hired to get all overturned in custody and child support rulings, and sue all for misconduct .Including Michael Giantasio a man I dated briefly which he was witness to him defrauding me as explained on youtube.com Suffolk County Court Corruption and on retainer along with Brian Salamone to sue for legal malpractice. Michael Giantasio referred me to Robert Rambadadt. He went to court once and Aletha Ferrera kicked me out of proceeding when she asked income and my lawyer said nothing and they she threatened me with contempt and Robert Ramadadt told me to pay my ex-husband $800.00 dollars in hallway or go to jail yet when I asked where Danielle’s High School graduation was in front of him my ex-husband refused to tell me her school .I have requested change of venue due to Color of Law violated by all.The Suffolk County Family Court and Appellate Division deny and refuse my request and deny me counsel. I have written to every official in NY,CT and Washington, NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, NYS Governor, spoke with NYS Attorney General Office (Emanuel NNeji and got hung-up on and denied assistance), Thomas Spota DA (office of public integrity),Kristi Gildibrand, Steve Bellone, Superior Judges Friedlich and Leis all site no jurisdiction over judiciary process ,the bar is useless against wrongdoing. The Federal Goverment (Obama), and the media need to assist and investigate when law abiding citizens are violated by the court system violating laws and ethics so grossly .No American citizen should be violated in such a manner under our Constitution all my civil and constitutional rights are being violated .I have been denied representation and had to represent myself prose over 10 times and all has been denied wrongly. I need an attorney pro bono or on a contingency basis to resolve all matters with Appellate Appeal since the Appellate Division was given erroneous facts (by Susan DeNatale appeal done incorrectly)and I was wrongly slandered. I need custody and child support orders overturned and civil litigation lawsuits. As a victim of domestic violence (Craig Berkhan got arrested twice) the system has victimized me instead of protecting me and my children.

 I want my children, damages and all held accountable for misconduct of Color of Law and violating due process. facebook/Adele Vessia youtube.com Suffolk County Court Corruption

Unemployed can't find a job because NY Appelate court and Family Court has slandered me errouneously online as having "servere mental issues" while illegally terminating my rights to my children and imputing me excessive child support orders while ignoring clean medical evals as evidence since I am not disabled in anyway and have never collected disability in my life because I am not disabled in anyway

I have been financially ruined to nothing, lost my home, my children for 7 years and counting, revoked driver’s license on wrongly excessively imputed child support, now warrant in NY for my arrest because of the child support order yet slandered as insane and terminated from my children since 2007  and now due to excessive anxiety and depression and having two nervous breakdowns due to what NY courts have done to me since 2007 to date I am now in process of applying for disability which I have been denied twice already and have a disability attorney working on my case.



January 2007  -- Suffolk County Family Court Terrantino

filed complaints with:

(1) Commission on Judicial Conduct -- about 2008

(2) Suffolk County Bar Association complaint

(3) Suffolk County District Attorney Spota -- 2008-2009

(4) Governor Cuomo 

(5) Attorney General Schneiderman

Lawless America congressional testimony

YouTube -- Suffolk County Court Corruption










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