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December 18, 2014
"Three Years In, New York Ethics Commission Still Looking to Find Footing"
Gotham Gazette (David King)

September 28, 2016
"JCOPE watches another ethics scandal from the sidelines"
Politico (Bill Mahoney) 

July 29, 2018
"Is ethics agency probing Cuomo? Republican challenger sues to find out"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

July 31, 2018 
"Ethics commissioner wants option to make status of probes public"
Albany Times Union  (Chris Bragg) 

August 5, 2018
"What has JCOPE actually done?"
City & State (Kay Dervishi)

August 20, 2018
"NY Attorney General's office won't defend state ethics panel against GOP lawsuit"

Daily News  (Ken Lovett)

October 18, 2018
"Arguments heard in lawsuit seeking Percoco probe"
The Telegraph (Chris Bragg)

December 19, 2018
"Judge says JCOPE must vote on Percoco complaint"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

December 19, 2018
"JCOPE's new regs constrained by settlement"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

December 19, 2018
"N.Y. ethics commission must vote on whether to probe ex-Cuomo aide..."
Daily News (Chris Sommerfeldt)

December 20, 2018
"Judge rules that state watchdog has 30 days to decide on potential Cuomo probe"
NY Post (Carl Campanile)

January 31, 2019
"JCOPE says it has voted on Percoco complaint"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

February 2, 2019
"Albany's ethics watchdog is useless"
New York Post (editorial)

March 13, 2019
"JCOPE ethics panel fails as government watchdogs"
Syracuse (Luke Parsnow)

May 22, 2019
"New York state watchdog's top agency head Seth Agata to step down"
New York Post (Bernadette Hogan)

May 28, 2019
"Reform groups say scrap JCOPE, as national report rates it among the worst"
WBFO (Karen DeWitt)

May 29, 2019
"'So Completely Compromised':  New York Watchdog Agencies Have a Credibility Problem"
Gotham Gazette (Samar Khurshid)

August 10, 2019
"Probing JCOPE's motives"
Albany Times Union (Fred LeBrun)

September 10, 2019

"Protest Held at JCOPE meeting"
Spectrum News (Nick Reisman)

November 13, 2019
"Inspector general probed ethics panel's alleged leak to Cuomo"
Albany Times Union (Brendan Lyons)

November 16, 2019
"Pulling JCOPE's strings"
Albany Times Union (editorial)

November 16, 2019
"IG won't say if Cuomo, Heastie interviewed in ethics' leak probe"
Oleans Times hearld - Albany Times Union (Brendoa Lyons)

December 17, 2019
"New York ethics agency votes down 'self-assessment' of its operations"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

February 25, 2020
"Internnal rancor continues as JCOPE"
Albany Times Union (Brendan Lyons)

February 28, 2020
"Lawmakers seek to bypass Cuomo, overhaul state ethics panel"
Albany Times Union (Brendan Lyons)

September 18, 2020
"New York's ethics' panel renews search for a leader"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

January 3, 2021
"Lawsuit Challenges New York State Ethics Commission"
Wall Sreet Journal (Jimmy Vielkind)

February 6, 2021
"Cuomo administration's stonewalling goes far beyond nursing home deaths"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

February 10, 2021
"State ethics panel chairman Michael Rozen resigns post"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

February 11, 2011
"State GOP chair: JCOPE 'embroiled in its own ethics scandal"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

February 12, 2021
"New York's 'ethics watchdog' is worthless by design"
New York Post (editorial)

February 21, 2021
"Cuomo's new ethics chair ran governor's 'defense' program"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

February 23, 2021
"GOP chair questions Cuomo's ethics chair appointment"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

March 2, 2021
"Why NY doesn't have an investigative body for Cuomo"
City & State (Zach Williams)

March 4, 2021
"Mr. Cuomo's new void"
Albany Times Union (editorial)

March 8, 2021
"JCOPE is beyond repair"
Newsday (Blair Horner, Evan Davis)

March 9, 2021
"Former Mario Cuomo Counsel Evan Davis on 'Broken' JCOPE"
Spectrum (Susan Arbetter)

March 9, 2021
"NY needs answers now on Cuomo's seven-figure book deal"
New York Post (editorial)

March 10, 2021
"State ethics board needs to be replaced"
Daily Gazette (editorial)

March 18, 2021
"Replacing NYS Ethics Watchdog: What Attys, Advocates Say"
Law360 Pulse (Marco Poggio)

March 23, 2021
"Cuomo ethics commissioners block subpoena to governor's office"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

March 24, 2021
"With new Senate appointee, JCOPE's power dynamic could shift"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

March 27, 2021
"JCOPE's corrupting power"
Albany Times Union (editorial)

May 29, 2021
"Andrew Cuomo's JCOPE jig may be up"
New York Post (editorial)

April 2, 2021
"State ethics commission with powers to investigate Cuomo has troubled history"
 WXXI (Karen DeWitt)

April 9, 2021
"JCOPE authorizes 'steps' in unnamed investigative matters"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

April 20, 2021
"New Discussions on Ethics Reform Have Started in Albany, Senate Majority Leader Says"
New York Now (Dan Clark)

April 22, 2021
"Should Albany Hold New Hearings on Ethics Reform?  These Groups Say Yes"
WSKG-NPR  (Dan Clark)

April 27, 2021
"Watchdog coalition wants hearings on JCOPE and Legislative Ethics Commission"
Legislative Gazette (Nick Califra)

April 27, 2021
"New York's ethics' overhaul on slow path to reform"
Orleans Times Herald (Chris Bragg)  & here -- Albany Times Union

April 27, 2021
"Amid Cuomo book scandal, ethics agency beefs up review of outside income"
New York Post (Carl Campanile, Bernadette Hogan)

April 27, 2021
"JCOPE chair's agenda shift may bury controversial discussions"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

April 27, 2021
"Will New York lawmakers really eliminate JCOPE?"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

April 28, 2021
"NY ethics agency JCOPE hires new director amid Andrew Cuomo scandals"
New York Post (Carl Campanile, Bernadette Hogan)

April 28, 2021
"After shift, state ethics panel hires new executive director"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

May 4, 2021
"Critics blast toothless state ethics commission"
Daily Star -- CNHI (Joe Mahoney)
"Reformers push for independent watchdog
to tackle government corruption
"  (Niagara Gazette)

May 7, 2021
"State Ethics panel is part of the problem"
Daily Star (editorial)

May 25, 2021
"New York state Senate to pass bill reforming Public Ethics Commission"
New York Post  (Bernadette Hogan)

May 26, 2021
"New York State Ethics Panel Fails To Take Action In Scandal Involving Former Cuomo Aide"
WAER (Karen DeWitt)

May 26, 2021
"Senate Democrats Grab the Reins at JCOPE"
Capitol Confidential (Edward McKinley)

May 26, 2021
"Cuomo calls state watchdog ethics panel JCOPE 'meaningless'"
Spectrum News-1 (Morgan McKay)

May 29, 2021
"JCOPE's got 99 problems"
Albany Times Union (Casey Seiler)

June 25, 2021
Reinvent Albany's John Kaehny on the ethics reform that never happened
Spectrum-Capital Tonight (Susan Arbetter)

August 26, 2021
"Ethics panel revives scrutiny of Cuomo after criticism"
Daily Star (Joe Mahoney)

September 19, 2021
"Control waned under Cuomo"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

September 20, 2021
"Ethics panel apparently ignored complaint about inspector general"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

September 20, 2021
"Cuomo Ally Resigns From Post As State Watchdog"
New York Times (Grace Ashford)

September 21, 2021
"New York's ethics facade"
Albany Times Union (editorial)




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