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1999-2000 Corruption Complaints to U.S. Attorney Lynch --

CJA's September 7, 1999 criminal complaint to U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch (EDNY)  --
ATT: Andrew Weissmann, Deputy Chief/Criminal Division
"The U.S. Attorney's Corruption Investigation of Governor George Pataki, et al.
  Ex. A:  "Widening Inquiry On Pataki Donors And Parole Board", NYT, 8/19/99
           Ex. B-1:  Inventory to CJA's March 26, 1999 ethics complaint
           Ex. B-2:  Inventory of record of Article 78 proceeding ERS v. Commission on Judicial Conduct
           Ex. B-3:  Inventory of FOIL correspondence with Gov. Pataki's office
           Ex. C-1: "On Choosing Judges, Pataki Creates Problems", NYT, letter to editor, 11/16/96
           Ex. C-2: "A Call for Concerted Action", NYLJ, ad, 11/20/96
           Ex. C-3: "Restraining 'Liars in the Courtroom' and on the Public Payroll", NYLJ, ad, 8/27/97
           Ex. C-4: "An Appeal to Fairness: Revisit the Court of Appeals", NY Post, letter to editor,12/18/98
           Ex. C-5: "Comm'n Abandons Investigative Mandate", NYLJ, letter to editor, 8/14/95
           Ex. C-6: "Where Do You Go When Judges Break the Law?", NYT, ad, 10/26/94
           Ex. D:  CJA's April 23, 1999 letter to Ethics Commission
           Ex. E-1: "Corruption fighter tackles double-dipping probe",
                             Middletown Times Herald Record, 8/15/99

           Ex. E-2:  "Spitzer Sets Up Unit to Investigate Both State and Local Corruption", NYT, 8/19/99
           E-3: "Mirror, Mirror", NYDaily News, editorial, 8/29/99


CJA's March 17, 2000 supplementary complaint & letter --
ATT: Deputy Chief/Criminal Division Andrew Weissmann
      "(1) Your inaction on CJA's September 7, 1999 criminal complaint and disregard of conflict of interest rules;
        (2) Supervision by your superiors and, specifically, by U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Loretta E. Lynch"

Ex. A-1: "Fund-Raiser For Pataki Faces Charges", NYT, 12/16/99
      Ex. A-2: "Watch Out For the Feds", Empire State Report, 9/99
      Ex. A-3: "Pataki's 1994 Fund-Raising Is Under Investigation", NYT, 1/21/98
      Ex. A-4: CJA's February 12, 1998 fax to Public Information Officer/NYS Ethics Commission
      Ex. B-1: 1998 Report to Congress on the Activities & Operations of the Public Integrity Section, pp. 1-2
      Ex. B-2: 28 USC §528

                            click here for:  SUBSTANTING ENCLOSURES  


CJA’s April 24, 2000 letter to U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch --
"CJA's March 17, 2000 request for your supervisory review of the official misconduct of Andrew Weissmann, Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division"

                                   click here for: SUBSTANTIATING ENCLOSURES

June 20, 2000 letter from Assistant U.S. Attorney Timothy Macht

CJA’s August 14, 2000 letter to U.S. Attorney Lynch --
"Request for your supervisory review of the official misconduct of Andrew Weissmann, now Chief of the Criminal Division, and of other attorneys at the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York"

Ex. A: "U.S. Attorney's Office Promotes Seven", NYLJ, 6/29/00
     Ex. E:  "Influence-Peddling Trial Begins for a Pataki Fund-Raiser", NYT, 7/12/00;
                "Pataki Fund-Raiser Is Guilty Of Obstruction of Justice",
                 NYT, 7/29/00

August 15, 2000 letter from Alan Vinegrad, Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney

CJA’s September 6, 2000 letter to U.S. Attorney Lynch --
    "(1) Your knowledge and approval of Alan Vinegrad's August 21, 2000 letter to you (pp. 1-3);
    (2) CJA's request, heretofore unresponded-to, for 'rules and regulations' pertaining to 28 USC
§528, 'Disqualification of officers and employees of the Department of Justice' (p. 3);
    (3) status of CJA's September 7, 1999 criminal complaint against Governor Pataki, Paul Shechtman, Attorney General Spitzer, et al. for their participation and complicity in systemic governmental corruption (pp. 3-4)"


continues with
CJA's March 23, 2001 complaint
to the U.S. Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility










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