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Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism


CJA's July 13, 2006 letter -- "RE: (1) Developing CJA's Public Interest Lawsuit vs The New York Times as a Knight Initiative Case Study of Decision-Making by the Ranks of Our Nation's Leading Newspaper -- Supporting Establishment of News Councils; (2) Facilitating CJA's Presentation of Story Proposals to Columbia University's Journalism Students and their Journalism Professors -- Beginning with CJA's Proposals for Informing the Voters in this Year's Most Important New York Electoral Races as to the Records of Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton with respect to Judicial Selection, Discipline, and Related Issues of Government Integrity; (3) Promoting Scholarship by Professors of Journalism, Political Science, and Law of CJA's Primary Source Documentary Evidence of the Press' Betrayal of the Public Trust and its First Amendment Responsibilities, Undermining our Democracy"

          CJA's July 13, 2006 memo to Columbia Journalism Review (Victor Navasky, Chairman), Columbia Journalism Review Daily, etc. -- "RE: Building Necessary Scholarship and Reporting on the 'Role of the Press in our Democracy' from the “Raw Materials” of Citizens & Citizen Organizations Interfacing with the Press"

CJA's September 5, 2006 transmittal memo to Dean Nicholas Lemann, Victor Navasky (Chairman, Columbia Journalism Review & Columbia Journalism Review Daily) -- "RE: Academic Responsibilities, Journalistic Ethics & Civic Duty"

CJA's September 15, 2006 memo to Dean Lemann, David Klatell (Vice Dean for Academic Affairs), Jeff Richard (Associate Dean for Development & Alumni Relations), Victor Navasky (Chairman, Columbia Journalism Review & Columbia Journalism Review Daily), Sheila Coronel (Director, Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism) -- "RE: Providing Columbia's Journalism Students with Electorally-Significant Story Proposals for Investigative Coverage -- and Developing Critical Scholarship on Press Performance & Our Endangered Democracy"

Copies of ALL the foregoing correspondence given, in hand, to Dean Lemann, on September 26, 2006 at the reception following the opening ceremony for the Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism; with copies also given, in hand, to Associate Dean Richard & Sheila Coronel, Director of the Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism



February 8, 2007: Symposium on "Media Reform: Is it Good for Journalism" --
      transcript of Elena Sassower's public comment and question

CJA's April 4, 2007 memo to indicated recipients including Dean Lemann -- "Fostering a 'Culture of Collaboration' between Academia and Activists: Putting into Practice Law Review Recommendations for Media Reform and Accountability -- CJA's Public Interest Lawsuit against The New York Times, Championing "Necessary Knowledge for a Democratic Public Sphere"


click here for: 2006-2007 correspondence to Columbia Law School Professors






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