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CJA Leads the Way to NYS Budget Reform...


webpage for CJA's March 4, 2014 letter


CJA's March 4, 2014 letter to Chairs and Ranking Members of "Appropriate Committees of the Legislature" -- "RE: Your Constitutional Duty:
 (1) to address the evidence of fraud and unconstitutionality in the proposed Judiciary and Legislative budgets – and in the materially-divergent Governor’s Budget Bill #S.6351/A.8551, which, in violation of Senate and Assembly Rules, has no fiscal note or introducer’s memorandum supporting it;
        (2) to address the $270,000 and other appropriations, embedded in the Executive Budget, for a demonstrably corrupt Commission to Investigate Public Corruption"

(1) CJA's February 21, 2014 letter (webpage);
(2) Questions for Chief Administrative Judge Prudenti
(3) Questions for Temporary Senate President Skelos and Assembly Speaker Silver

                                transmittal letter to indicated recipients

Referred-to Prior Correspondence
Pertaining to 2014-2015 Budget

CJA's December 11, 2013 letter
dispositive of the fraudulence and unconstitutionality of the Judiciary’s proposed budget

CJA's December 30, 2013 
of the unconstitutionality and fraudulence of the Legislature’s proposed budget;

CJA's January 7, 2014 letter
enclosing letter to the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption, requesting that it investigate and report with respect to the “grand larceny of the public fisc”, particularized by December 11, 2013 and December 30, 2013 letters

CJA's January 14, 2014 letter
requesting to testify, pursuant to Legislative Law §32-a, at the Legislature’s joint budget hearings in opposition to the proposed Judiciary and Legislative budgets and requesting information/records as to the process, if any, by which the Legislature’s proposed budget was compiled

CJA's January 29, 2014 letter
requesting to testify, pursuant to Legislative Law §32-a, against the Governor’s Budget Bill #S.6351/A.8551 containing an out-of-sequence section with  tens of millions of dollars in reappropriations for the Legislature, not part of the Legislature’s proposed budget

CJA's February 3, 2014 e-mail
requesting to testify pursuant to Legislative Law §32-a, in opposition to any funding for the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption – and, specifically, the Governor’s proposed $270,000 appropriation

            E-Mail to Legislators Requesting Meetings, Etc.


The Legislature's Litigation vs. Commission to Investigate Public Corruption:  Declaratory Judgment Action; Motion to Quash Subpoenas; & Intervention Motions to Quash Subpoenas

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