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CJA Leads the Way to NYS Budget Reform...



CJA's December 19, 2013 e-mail to Scholars --
"Subject: Expert Opinion-Scholarship Needed: NYS Budget"

Professor Thomas Gais/Director, Rockefeller Institute of Government/SUNY-Albany
E.J. McMahon,Senior Fellow/Center for State & Local Leadership-Manhattan Institute
Professor Richard Briffault/Columbia Law School
Hofstra Law School Dean Eric Lane
Adjunct Professor Bruce Gyory, University of Albany               
Professor Jeffrey M. Stonecash, Maxwell School of Citizenship & Public Affairs/Syracuse University

Professor Alan Tarr, Director, Center for State Constitutional Studies/Rutgers University
Professor Gerald Benjamin, UNY/New Paltz
Professor Bennett Gershman  Pace Law School
Professor Doug Muzzio,Baruch College School of Public Affairs/CUNY
Professor James Gardner  
Director, Jaeckle Center for State & Local Democracy        
Professor Peter Galie
Professor Vincent Bonaventre  Director, Center for Judicial Process/Albany Law School              
Professor Seymour Lachman  Director, Carey Institute for Government Reform/Wagner College

Professor Joseph F. Zimmerman  Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy/SUNY Albany
Professor Richard Brodsky-NYU  Demos
Lawrence Norden/Deputy Director-Democracy Program/Brennan Center
Christopher Bobpst

          Professor Tarr's December 19, 2013 e-mail

CJA's December 19, 2013 e-mail to Citizens Budget Commission --
"Subject: Serving the Governor, Legislature & Public by Expert Opinion on the Judiciary's Proposed Budget & on CJA's Propopsed Budget Review Procedures" -- Citizens Budget Commission & its Budget Policy Committee

CJA's January 2, 2014 letter -- "RE: ACHIEVING NYS BUDGET REFORM: What is Your Expert Opinion of the Budgets Proposed by New York's Judiciary & Legislative Branches? -- & How Should the Governor & Legislature be Reviewing Them, Consistent with Article VII of the NYS Constitution?
New York State Bar Association          
New York City Bar Association
New York County Lawyers Association

Empire Center for Public Policy
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

We the People Foundation
Citizens Budget Commission
Citizens Union   2012 budget report card
New York State League of Women Voters
New York Public Interest Research Group
Common Cause-NY
Citizen Action of New York
Brennan Center for Justice

CJA's January 4, 2014 e-mail to Scholars --
"Subject: What is Your Expert Opinion of the Budgets Proposed by New York's Legislative & Judiciary Branches? -- & How Should the Governor & Legislature be Reviewing Them, Consistent with Article VII of the NYS Constitution?"

       CJA's January 15, 2014 e-mail to Professor Zimmerman 

       Professor Zimmerman's January 16, 2014 e-mail 


State Budget Solutions

         CJA's January 14, 2014 e-mail to Bob Williams --
          "Subject: NYS Budget: Flagrant Violation of Constitutional
          & Statutory Provisions"

          Bob Williams' January 14, 2014 e-mail

          CJA's January 15, 2014 e-mail -- "Subject: Thank you..."

          Bob Williams' January 15, 2014 e-mail 


Associate Professor David Primo/University of Rochester -
Dept. of Political Science  --  "Public financing no cure-all",
Commentary by Jeffrey Milyo and David Primo,
Albany Times Union, December 11, 2013

Professor David Primo's December 20, 2013 e-mail --
"Subject: Your voicemail from Thurs. 12/19"

CJA's January 3, 2014 e-mail to Professor Primo/Milyo --
"Subject: Thank you for your prompt e-mail: Building Scholarship to Further Advance Your Commentary 'Public financing no cure-all"

Professor Primo's January 3, 2014 e-mail

CJA's January 3, 2014 e-mail to Professor Primo/Milyo --
"Subject: Wonderful! --"

CJA's January 8, 2014 e-mail to Professor Primo/Milyo  --
"Subject: Building Scholarship"
"New Jersey Least Corrupt?  Ha. Ha.  The flawed methodology behind the recent State Integrity Investigation", Wall Street Journal, April 3, 2012

CJA's January 13, 2014 e-mail to Professor Primo/Milyo --
"Subject: Time is of the essence: Building Scholarship"

CJA's January 16, 2014 e-mail to Professor Primo/Milyo --
"Subject:  Status?  RE: Time is of the essence: Building Scholarship"


Center on Budget & Policy Priorities
State Fiscal Analysis Initiative

not yet contactedCenter for Governmental Research

*   *   *

December 2, 2013 Statement from NYS Bar Association President David M. Schraver on Proposed 2014-2015 Judiciary Budget

*   *   *

January 30, 2014 message for former State Senator Nancy Larraine Hoffmann


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