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Here we go...again,
Budget:  Fiscal Year 2015-2016


Plaintiffs' March 31, 2015 motion for leave
to supplement verified complaint

Exhibit A
 Exhibit B 


Exhibit 1-a:     Plaintiffs’ request to Secretary of Senate and Assembly Records Access Officer – “RE:  The Legislature’s Certified Itemized Estimates of its Financial Needs for Fiscal Year 2015-2015, as Required by Article VII, 1 of the New York State Constitution 

Exhibit 1-b:     Defendants Skelos’ and Silver’s December 1, 2014 letter to defendant Cuomo 

Exhibit 1-c:     16-page legislative budget for fiscal year 2015-2016

Exhibit 2-a:     Chief Administrative Judge’s December 1, 2014 memorandum to defendant Cuomo, etc. for Judiciary Budget (operating costs)

Exhibit 2-b:     Chief Judge’s Certification & Court of Appeals Approval– “Itemized Estimates of the Financial Needs of the Legislature”

Exhibit 2-c:     Judiciary's Executive Summary with Statistical Tables

Exhibit 3-a:     Chief Administrative Judge Prudenti’s December 1, 2014 memorandum to defendant Cuomo, etc. for Judiciary Budget of "General State Charges"

Exhibit 3-b:     Chief Judge’s Certification & Court of Appeals Approval – “Itemized Estimates of the Financial Needs of the Judiciary for General State Charges”

Exhibit 3-c:     Judiciary's Statistical Tables

Exhibit 4:        Judiciary’s “Single Budget Bill"

Exhibit 5-a:     Defendant Cuomo's "Commentary of the Governor on the Judiciary"

Exhibit 5-b:     Defendant Cuomo’s Budget Bill #S.2001/A.3001

Exhibit 6:        “Legislature Announces Joint Budget Hearing Schedule”, January 16, 2015

Exhibit 7-a:     Defendant Cuomo’s Division of Budget webpage for Judiciary Budget

Exhibit 7-b:     Senate Majority’s “White Book”: pp.  97-98, 128-129

Exhibit 7-c:     Senate Minority’s “Blue Book”: pp. 170-171

Exhibit 7-d:     Assembly Majority’s “Yellow Book”: pp. 139, 134

Exhibit 8:        Plaintiffs’ February 23, 2015 letter to Chairs & Ranking Members of Senate Finance Committee and Assembly Ways & Means Committee – “RE:  YOUR FEBRUARY 26, 2015 ‘PUBLIC PROTECTION’ BUDGET HEARING: Reconsidering Your Denial of CJA’s Request to Testify, Pursuant to Legislative Law 32-a, in Opposition to the Proposed Judiciary and Legislative Budgets – and the Governor’s Budget Bill #S.2001/A.3001”

Exhibit 9:        Witness List: February 26, 2015 Budget Hearing on “Public Protection”

Exhibit 10:      Chief Administrative Judge Prudenti’s February 26, 2015 written statement, p. 3

Exhibit 11-a:      November 17, 2014 Notice of Appeal & Pre-Calendar Statement

Exhibit 11-b:      October 9, 2014 Decision & Order


*     *     *





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