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About CJA

Bringing the Justice System To Justice . .

Judicial Accountability. Why shouldn't judges, like everyone else in a democracy, be responsible for their incompetence and deliberate misdeeds? Why should judges be allowed to run their courtrooms as their own private fiefdoms, free to abuse litigants and lawyers who come before them?

We are building a national organization focused on the problem of bad judges -- judges who are incompetent, abusive, and dishonest. By dishonesty, we mean judges who knowingly disregard clear and controlling law and who write decisions which fabricate or deliberately omit critical facts.

These judges destroy people's lives, families, and businesses and, for ulterior reasons, torpedo important cases affecting the public.

The financial cost of appealing a judge's bad decision puts appeal out of reach for the average citizen. Yet those who make the financial sacrifice and do appeal often meet with the same realities on the appellate court level as in the lower court. Even where appellate courts reverse a lower court's blatantly erroneous decision, there is no personal cost to the judge for his judicial malpractice -- but only to the litigants, who have been wronged, and to the system.

Incompetent, abusive, and corrupt judges create havoc at the trial level and overwhelm the system with otherwise needless appeals. This puts the courts in crisis and is extremely costly to taxpayers.

Obviously, improving the way we choose judges is crucial. Whether by election or appointment, there must be safeguards to ensure that only persons of the highest competence, integrity, and judicial temperament become our judges.

Yet, the public interest in a quality judiciary has been thwarted by politicians, who view our third branch of government as a pool for patronage. Judicial qualifications are often secondary to the political interests served by the judicial nomination being made.

Because the judicial selection and disciplinary processes take place behind closed doors, political interests have been able to co-opt them. This has enabled unqualified judicial candidates to gain office and, thereafter, to stay in office, despite demonstrated on-the-job unfitness.

Shamefully, public officials, government agencies responsible for judicial oversight, and established organizations of the bar have failed in their duty to protect against the corrosion of our courts. They have not only looked the other way, but have actively participated in a "cover-up". The same is true of the media, which is largely ill-informed, insensitive, and self-interested on these issues.

It is, therefore, We, the People, who must take action to protect ourselves, our judicial system, and our democratic values.




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