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October 26, 2017
"Suffolk Shift"
State of Politics (Zach Fink)

October 26, 2017
"Feds probe district attorney bonues in Suffolk, sources say"
Newsday (David Schwartz)

October 26, 2017
"One Day After Federal Charges,
Suffolk County District Attorney Announces Resignation"
NYT (Alan Feuer)

October 26, 2017
"The Spota saga continues"
Newsday-The Point

October 25, 2017
"Suffolk Prosecutor Charged With Obstructing Police Assault Investigation"
NYT (Joseph Goldstein, Alan Feuer)

October 25, 2017
"District Attorney Thomas Spota's contempt for the law"
Newsday (editorial)

October 25, 2017
"Suffolk DA Thomas Spota, top aide, indicted in cover-up"
Newsday (Robert Kessler)

October 21, 2017
"Tim Sini for Suffolk County district attorney"
Newsday (editorial)

October 17, 2017
"Larry Zacarese for Suffolk County Sheriff"
Newsday (editiorial)

October 17, 2017
"Ray Perini, Timothy Sini question Suffolk DA bonuses"
Newsday (David Schwartz)

October 13, 2017
"Suffolk County D.A. Spota awards $2.7 million in staff bonuses,
records show
Newsday (David Schwartz)

October 13, 2017
"Tim Sini Outspends Ray Perini in Suffolk D.A. Race"
Newsday (Rick Brand)

September 30, 2017
"Cross-Endorsements spark ire in Suffolk"
Newsday (Rick Brand)

September 28, 2017:
"DA candidates Perini, Sini debate ethics, fitness for office"
Newsday (David Schwartz)

September 27, 2017:
"Phil Boyle drops out of Suffolk sheriff's race" --
now running on Independence Party line for Supreme Court judgeship
Newsday (Rick Brand)

September 19, 2017:

September 18, 2017:
"Boyle primary loss a win for Cuomo and Flanagan",
Daily News (Ken Lovett)

September 17, 2017:
"Ray Perini bests Democrats for Reform line for Suffolk sheriff"
Newsday (Rick Brand)

September 16, 2017:
"Larry Zacarese showed savvy in Suffolk sheriff's primary win"
Newsday (Rick Brand)

September 14, 2017:
"Larry Zacarese upset in the sheriff race changes political landscape"
Newsday (Rick Brand)

September 11, 2017:
"How the Suffolk DA came to be the highest paid
elected official in the county -- and what you can do about it

Riverhead Local (Greg Blass)

September 11, 2017:
"Long Island Senate race will show if Cuomo is serious about helping Democrats control the chamber"
Daily News (Ken Lovett)

September 9, 2017:
Long Island Backstory with Gary Jacobs -- interviewing Peter Krauss

September 8, 2017:
"Larry Zacarese had to spend $1,050 for fundraiser permit"
Newsday  (Rick Brand)

September 7, 2017:
"Phil Boyle, Larry Zacarese battle for Suffolk county sheriff nomination"
Newsday (David Schwartz)

September 5, 2017:
"Zacarese, Boyle in fundraising battle for Suffolk sheriff"
Newsday (Rick Brand)

September 4, 2017:
"Libertarians ask for probe of GOP's primary candidate's fundraising"
Newsday (Rick Brand)

August 30, 2017:
"On Long Island, Democrats eye local candidate's Senate Seat"
Times Union (Matt Hamilton)

August 28, 2017:
"Long Island Sen. Phil Boyle getting heat for giving his longtime political boss' wife a hefty pay raise" Daily News (Ken Lovett)

August 7, 2017:
"Sources: Suffolk Dem Leader cuts state Senate seat deal with GOP"
Daily News (Ken Lovett)

August 6, 2017:
"Alert for Suffolk County on the Suffolk County Sheriff's Race",
Independent Sentinel (S. Nobel)

August 21, 2017:
"Boyle holds funding edge in GOP sheriff primary in Suffolk",
 Newsday  (Rick Brand)

July 19, 2017:
"Suffolk politics, a powerful union,
and 84 dismissed police misconduct complaints

July 14, 2017:
"Republican William Ferris Exits Suffolk DA Race, Backs Democrat Sini"

June 21, 2017
"Zacarese Receives Reform Party Endorsement",

June 11, 2017:
"Phil Boyle hired top Conservative's consultant before run for sheriff",
Newsday (David Schwartz)

June 9, 2017
Working Families Parties recommends not endorsing Larry Zacarese for Sheriff"
Newsday (Rick Brand)

June 6, 2017:
"Suffolk GOP taps candidates for district attorney, sheriff",
Suffolk Times (Tim Gannon)

June 4, 2017:
"Conservatives to Endorse Sini for DA, Chairman Says"
Newsday (Rick Brand)

June 1, 2017:
"Timothy Sini gets Democrats' nod for district attorney",
Newsday  (Rick Brand)

May 31, 2017:
"DA race growing crowded",

May 22, 2017:
"The fix is in: Party bosses not voters decide who will be Suffolk County's next district attorney and sheriff", Riverhead Local (Greg Blass)

May 22, 2017:
"Bharara gives first political endorsement to Suffolk County DA hopeful", Capitol Confidential (Matt Hamilton)

May 20, 2017:
"Working Families Party endorses Sini for Suffolk DA",
Newsday (Rick Brand)

May 18, 2017:
"Ban cross-endorsements on election ballot"
Newsday (editorial)

May 15, 2017:
"Suffolk Democrats may lack DA candidate by party convention",
Newsday (Rick Brand)

May 14, 2017:
"Suffolk County DA won't seek re-election amid probe",
NY Post (Melkorka Licea)

April 15, 2017:
"Sini's choice: Will he run for Suffolk DA or stay as top cop?"
Newsday (Rick Brand)

March 29, 2017:
"Sen. Phil Boyle nomination for Suffolk Sheriff sparks Republican brawl"
Newsday (Rick Brand)

January 25, 2017:
"Republican Ray Perini says he can make
the Suffolk County DA's office great again
FIOS1 (Kevin Vesey)

January 8, 2017:
"Suffolk Police Commissioner Timothy Sini Reflects on First Year",
Newsday (Nicole Fuller)

December 4, 2016:
"Lawrence Zacarese surfaces as potential sheriff candidate",
Newsday (Rick Brand)

February 11, 2016
"Sini confirmed as SCPC Commissioner",
Islip Bulletin (Liz Finnegan)

February 9, 2016
"Tim Sini confirmed as Suffolk police commissioner"
Newsday (David Schwartz)

December 8, 2015
"Is Timothy Sini really the best choice for Suffolk County police commissioner?"
Newsday (editorial)


March 15, 2016
"The Strange Rise and Violent Fall of Long Island's Dirtiest Police Chief",
Vice  (Michael Edison Hayden)


June 30, 2017
Frank Vetro challenges Gary Pollakusky in Suffolk primary"
Newsday (Rick Brand)

"James Coll seeks Madeline Singas probe"
Newsday (Brodsky)


WSHU Public Radio-Long Island News


CJA's October 2, 2017 message to Long Island Press

October 2, 2017 e-mail from Editor-in-Chief Timothy Bolger  "RE: Per your email"

CJA's October 2, 2017 e-mail -- "Thank you for your prompt response"

October 2, 2017 e-mail -- "Phil Boyle's jump from Suffolk Co. Sheriff Candidate to Candidate for NYS Supreme Court Judgeship"



Curtis Sliwa's August 30, 2017 video for Ray Perini

Curtis Sliwa Sepember 9, 2017 video for Zacarese 

Curtis Sliwa September 10, 2017 video for September 12th primary vote for Ray Perini

Curtis Sliwa September 10, 2017 video for September 12th primary vote for Larry Zacarese



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