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pertaining to CJA's corruption & ethics complaints

If John and Malcolm would talk, oh my God…They flip him (Sampson) and you’ll need a special election to elect a whole new damn Senate.” , former Senator Shirley Huntley, June 10, 2013 NY Daily News   

"Bottom line...if half of the people up here in Albany was ever caught for what they do...they...would probably be [in jail], so who are they BS-ing?", alleged remarks of Assemblyman Eric Stevenson on FBI tape", featured at U.S. Attorney Bharara's April 4, 2013 press conference


CJA's May 7, 2013 letter to ALL Senators & Assembly Members --
Doing Your Part to End Public Corruption
     (1) by Giving Evidence to the U.S. Attorneys;
     (2) by Voting on Non-Partisan, Good-Government Legislative Rules Reform, such as Recommended by the 2009 Temporary Senate Committee on Rules & Administration Reform"           

CJA's April 15, 2013 corruption complaint to US Attorney Bharara 

CJA's April 19, 2013 letter to Senator Malcolm Smith --
  "RE: Being a Force for Good:
       (1)   by giving testimony to U.S. Attorney Bharara against Governor Cuomo & other corrupt, high-level constitutional and public officers;
       (2)   by building a Rules Reform Conference dedicated to securing debate and a simple Senate vote on the non-partisan, good-government rules reforms proposed by the 2009 Temporary Committee on Rules and Administration Reform
-- enclosed December 21, 2012 & December 7, 2012 letters 

      -- click here for referred-to materials pertaining to historic rules reform set in motion by Senator Malcolm Smith  


CJA's May 22, 2013 letter to ALL Senators & Assembly Members --
Doing Your Part to End Public Corruption: Part II
(1) Request for Legislative Follow-Up to Senator Sanders’ May 10th Forum “Attack on Black Leaders: Corruption or Conspiracy?”;
      (2) Request for Legislative Follow-Up to Senator Sampson’s 2009 hearings on the Commission on Judicial Conduct & Court-Controlled Attorney Disciplinary System

CJA's May 13, 2013 letter/corruption complaint to U.S. Attorney Lynch -- "RE: United States of America v. John Sampson -- Deal-making that Advances the Corruption Fighting Agenda of U.S. Attorney Bharara and Repudiates the Appearance and Reality that Black & Hispanic Legislators are being Invidiously Investigated & Prosecuted"  

-- click here for
Senator John Sampson's historic leadership of the Senate Judiciary Committee by its 2009 Hearings on the Commission on Judicial Conduct & Court-Controlled Attorney Disciplinary System


CJA's May 29, 2013 letter to Assemblyman Michael Kearns --
Making Good on Your Pledge to Your Constituents “To Do The Right Thing” and “Stand Up To Albany Politicians”
(1)  Ousting Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver;
(2)  Securing oversight, analysis, and investigation of CJA’s April 15, 2013 corruption complaint against Speaker Silver, et al. by the Assembly Committee on Oversight, Analysis, and Investigation, of which you are a member;
(3)  Building a Bi-Partisan Assembly Rules Reform Conference to achieve the nonpartisan, good-government legislative rules reforms proposed by the 2004, 2006, and 2008 reports of the Brennan Center for Justice and resisted by Speaker Silver

 -- click here for Rules Reform Resource Page

May 21, 2013: "Bad Week is Merely Bump for Assembly's Master of Power", New York Times, Danny Hakim, Thomas Kaplan

"Video: No friend to Silver, Kearns leaves Assembly Dems", Albany Times Union/Capitol Confidential, May 20, 2013

                     click here for Press coverage of Silver-Lopez

CJA's May 31, 2013 letter to Assembly Members Lalor, Nojay, McLaughlin, Fitzpatrick, Butler, Friend, & Tenney --
"Accomplishing Your Objective of Ousting Assembly Speaker Silver

    -- CJA's April 5, 2012 notice: with acknowledgent of service  for Speaker Silver & the Assembly by Williams Collins

    --  CJA's March 2, 2012 letter to Governor Cuomo, Temporary Senate President Skelos, Assembly Speaker Silver, Chief Judge Lippman
Ex. A:  Executive Summary of CJA's October 27, 2011 Opposition Report
    Ex. B:  CJA's November 29, 2011 complaint to Attorney General Schneiderman's Public Integrity Bureau & its December 7, 2011 determination that "complaint does not warrant action by this office at this time"
     Ex. C:  AG Schneiderman's website info as to partnership with Comptroller DiNapoli "to investigate public corruption involving taxpayer funds"; May 23, 2011 NYT article "Accord with Comptroller Will Help Attorney General Pursue Corruption Cases"; May 30, 2011 Albany Times Union article "AG, comptroller partnership a no-brainer

     Ex. D:  CJA's March 1, 2012 complaint to Comptroller DiNapoli's Investigations Uni

click here for: VIDEO of February 6, 2013 budget hearing on "public protection", as posted by Assembly website -- CJA's testimony is last  (at 7:21:50)

VIDEO OF "STOP SILVER'S WAR ON WOMEN" PRESS CONFERENCE -- May 29, 2013  Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor; Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney; Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin;  Assemblyman Bill Nojay;  Assemblyman Marc Butler; Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick

May 22, 2013  "Silver's as tainted as Lopez", Op-Ed column by Assemblywomen Jane Corwin, Nicole Malliotakis, Annie Rabbitt, Claudia Tenney in Albany Times Union

Assemblyman Lalor's June 5, 2013 letter, signed by 11 other Assembly members, to U.S. Attorney Hartunian

CJA's June 4, 2013 letter to Senate Committee on Investigations & Governmental Operations & Assembly Committee on Oversight, Analysis & Investigation --
DOING YOUR PART TO END PUBLIC CORRUPTION: PART  III:  Request for Legislative Oversight, Analysis and Investigation of CJA’s April 15, 2013 corruption complaint to U.S. Attorney Bharara and, specifically:
                 (1) of Chapter 567 of the Laws of 2010, as written and applied – as to which, to date, there has been no oversight, analysis, &r investigation; and
                 (2) of the Commission on Judicial Conduct & court-controlled attorney disciplinary system – as to which, in 2009, the Senate Judiciary Committee held oversight hearings that were aborted, with no analysis, investigation, findings, or committee report of the document-supported testimony of witnesses

2012 Annual Report of Senate Committee on Investigations
& Governmental Operations

2012 Annual Report of Assembly Committee on Oversight,
Analysis & Investigation

February 2005: "A Guide to Legislative Oversight":
Report from Commitee on Oversight, Analysis & Investigation

  April 28, 2011 press release:  "Senator Squadron and Senate Democrats to Hold Public Forum on Ethics Reform"

CJA's June 13, 2013 letter to Assembly Members who Signed the June 4, 2013 Letter to U.S. Attorney Hartunian for Investigation of Assembly Speaker Silver &/or who Called for his Ouster --
"Easily Ousting Assembly Speaker Silver for his Grand Larceny of the Public Fisc"

          Enclosure: CJA's March 29, 2013 letter to Governor Cuomo's Chief of Staff -- "The Governor’s Duty to Disapprove S.2601-A/A.3001-A (Judiciary/Legislative Appropriations Bill), Pursuant to Article VII, §4 & Article IV, §7 of the New York State Constitution, Because the Legislature Violated Express Constitutional and Statutory Safeguards, as well as its Own Rules, in Passing It"    

CJA's July 22, 2013 e-mail to Assemblywoman Inez Barron's Community Liaison, also sent to other Assembly members seeking Speaker Silver's ouster -- "Corruption Complaints vs Speaker Silver, Filed with US Attorney Hartunian, Etc."
               click here for:   CJA's July 19, 2013 corruption complaint to Albany County District Attorney Soares




*    *    *

click here for:
of the Corrupt Commission Scheme
to Raise the Salaries of Corrupt Public Officers (2011 - to date)






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