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CJA's March 21, 2020 e-mail to Jon Campbell, Joseph Spectorl --
"Gov and Legislative Leaders get GOOD NEWS during this Coronavirus Emergency:
Simplifying the policy-packed NYS budget is EASY,
as 6 of the Gov's 7 'Article VII Bills' are UNCONSTITUTIONAL"

CJA's May 2, 2020 e-mail to Doug Stanglin, Campbell --
"FACT CHECKING your 'Fact Check: New York legislators did not just vote a pay raise
during the coronavirus shutdown' (USA Today, May 1, 2020)"

CJA's May 3, 2020 e-mail to Stanglin, Campbell --
"Only 1 Question Remains..."

Campbell's May 3, 2020 e-mail

click here for:
The Governor amends his so-called Article VII Bill on Public Protection & General Gov't
to authorize the Commission on Legislative, Judicial and Executive Compensation
to ALSO consider -- in 2020 -- raising judicial salaries

CJA's July 3, 2020 e-mail to Campbell, Spector --
"Celebrating July 4th by making NY's state legislative & DA elections competitive
& capable of achieving their goal of accountability

Gov. Cuomo's June 30, 2020 executive order

 CJA's June 4, 2020 grand jury/corruption complaint

included direct link:
CJA's webpage --- "
Invoking 'The power of grand juries to inquire
into the wilful misconduct in office of public officers,
and to find indictments...',
pursuant to Article I, §6 of the New York State Constitution"

CJA's September 18, 2020 e-mail to Journal News/LoHud.com editors & reporters --
"Westchester County Elections 2020 -- Informing Voters with EVIDENCE:
public corruption/grand jury complaint vs Westchester County's 14 state legislators --
12 running for re-election -- which Westchester County D.A. Scarpino is 'sitting on'"

CJA's October 4, 2020 e-mail to Campbell, Spector
"ELECTION ALERT:  NYS' 15 D.A. races --
& the rigging of the 213 races for state Senate & Assembly seats"

CJA's October 5, 2020 e-mail to Campbell, Spector
"GUIDE TO NYS' 15 D.A. RACES -- & the unfitness of ALL 15 D.A. incumbents
& the few candidates running to succeed them"

CJA's October 20, 2020 e-mail to Campbell, Spector
Your Election Reporting of NYS' 213 Senate & Assembly Races --
analysis of Bruce Gyory's 'New York State Senate Races Worth Watching' (10/18/20 Empire Report)"


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