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July 8, 2022
"Sun sets on New York's maligned ethics watchdog"
Spectrum News (Nick Reisman)

July 11, 2022
"Hochul's Vow to Fix Albany's Culture Finds an Unexpected Foe: Herself"
New York Times (Jay Root)

July 11, 2022
"Another ethics chapter closes"
WAMC (Blair Horner)

July 11, 2022
"Editorial: When things go right"
Albany Times Union (editorial)

July 12, 2022
"New York's new ethics panel takes shape with familiar face"
Spectrum News (Nick Reisman)

July 12, 2022
"New York's new ethics entity is still taking shape"
City & State (Rebecca Lewis)

July 12, 2022
"Has Hochul Made Albany More Transparent?"
New York Times (James Barron) 

July 19, 2022
"Critics blast AG Letitia James for not releasing findings
in probe on Cuomo's covid book
NY Post (Carl Campanile)

July 25, 2022
Brooklyn Eagle -- Nomination of Jane Goodman

July 26, 2022
"Slow start for NewYork's new ethics panel"
Public Radio (Karen DeWitt)

July 26, 2022
"Secrecy at issue for new ethics panel"
Albany Times Union


August 2, 2022
"A question of openness"
Albany Times Union (editorial)

Bolts   CUNY -- Baruch College

August 15, 2022
"New York's New State Ethics And Lobbying Body Takes Shape"
Gotham Gazette (Ethan Geringer-Sameth)

August 16, 2022
"NY Ethics Commission replacing JCOPE makes progress"
MyTwinTiers.com(Amal Tlaige)

August 17, 2022
"New York's new ethics board should review Cuomo's book deal"
Buffalo News (editorial)


September 2, 2022
"Panel rejects 3 of the 10 nominees to new ethics body"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

"Law School deans reject AG Letitia James' pick for ethics watchdog agency"
New York Post (Carl Campanile, Zach Williams)

September 5, 2022
"Vetting the ethics cops: A panel does its job,
rejecting three nominees to a vital new state commission
Daily News editorial

September 8, 2022
"Watchdog groups want New York's ethics panel to start work"
Spectrum News (Nick Reisman)

September 9, 2022
"JCOPE Rejecting Lavine the right thing to do"
Albany Times Union (letter)

September 11, 2022
"JCOPE2 or JJOKE 2, former staff has to go"
Albany Times Union (Fred LeBrun)

September 11, 2022
"Former JCOPE commissioners: How about a little respect?"
Albany Times Union

September 12, 2022
"NY's new ethics panel gets to work with questions about transition"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

September 12, 2022
"Attorney Karl Sleight: New York's new ethics commission different from JCOPE,
but it comes down to fairness
Spectrum (Nick Reisman)

September 19, 2022
"New ethics agency is off to a sputtering start"
WAMC (Blair Horner)

September 19, 2022
"Slipshod ethics work"
Albany Times Union (editorial)

September 21, 2022
"New York State Ethics and Lobbying Law Goes Back to the Future"
New York Law Journal (Karl Sleight, Joan Sullivan)

September 24, 2022
"Hochul's test: The state ethics watchdog should probe
New York's purchase of millions of pricey COVID tests from a campaign donor
Daily News (editorial)

September 26, 2022
"Lawsuit seeks to strike key plank of new ethics law"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

September 26, 2022
"Heastie makes new appointment to ethics panel"
Spectrum News (Nick Reisman) 

September 26, 2022
"Watchdog groups seek reset with new ethics commission"
Spectrum News (Nick Reisman)

September 26, 2022
"New ethics commission faces lawsuit and criticism"
News 10-WABC (Amal Tlaige)

September 28, 2022
"Pay to play charges dog Hochul in final weeks of election season"
Union Sun & Journal (Joe Mahoney)  &
Sept. 29, 2022
"Pay to play claims Hochul benefitted from deal" Rome Sentinel (Mahoney)
also September 30, 2022 "Pay to play charges dog Hochul as election nears" Adirondack Daily Enterprise

September 29, 2022
"New York's new ethics commission faces daunting task"
Spectrum News (Nick Reisman)

September 29, 2022
"House GOP to seek probe of NY Gov. Kathy Hochul $637 M 'pay to play' deal"
New York Post (Zach Williams) 

October 3, 2022
"Lawsuit challenges committee's confirmation power to New York's new ethics commission"
Spectrum (Ryan Whalen)

October 6, 2022
"New state ethics watchdog agrees to chew on old cases"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

October 7, 2022
"Unethical secrecy"
Albany Times Union (editorial)

October 7, 2022
"Lawsuit challenges confidentiality of ethics commission"
News 10-WABC (Amal Tlaige)  news@news10.com;  JDeLine@news10.com

October 24, 2022
"New ethics commissioner attended assemblyman's campaign fundraiser"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

October 26, 2022
"Ethics Chair: A Commissioners' fundraiser attendance 'a slight lapse in judgment"
Albany Times Union (Chris Bragg)

October 26, 2022
"New commission, old tricks:
an official at the state's reinvented ethics commission makes a big mistake
Daily News (editorial)

October 31, 2022
"Another ethics flub"
Albany Times Union (editorial)

November 4, 2022
"Addressing ethical dilemnas: Hochul & Zeldin"
News 10-WABC (Amal Tlaige) news @news10.com; JDeLine@news10.com

November 14 2022
"Groups urge state ethics watchdog to probe $5M book approval, failed policies"
Spectrum News (Kate Lisa)

November 14, 2022
"Let's do it again: New push for probe of Cuomo's $5 M COVID-19 book deal"
NY Post (Zach Williams)

November 22, 2022
"Ethics groups wants NY's new lobbying watchdog fully appointed"
Spectrum News (Nick Reisman)

November 22, 2022
"New ethics rules derailed state's annual turkey donation program"
Albany Times Union (Brendan Lyons)

November 23, 2022
"Hochul makes final nominee to New York's new ethics panel"
Spectrum News (Nick Reisman)

November 29, 2022
"An ethical apology"
Newsday (Opinion-The Point/Dan Janison)

December 16, 2022
"Judge at the Helm: Successor New York Watchdog Ethics Office Led by Familiar Face"
New York Law Journal (Brian Lee)

December 17, 2022
"Without a search, New York's new ethics panel appoints interim director to permanent post"
Buffalo News (Chris Bragg)

December 19, 2022
"New York's new ethics panel hires back a familiar face"
Spectrum News (Nick Reisman)

December 20, 2022
"Two Lawyers Elevated to New York's Ethics Watchdog Panel"
New York Law Journal (Brian Lee)

December 20, 2022
"Albany Law School's Government Justice Center Releases Report on State Ethics Commission"

December 26, 2022
"Sad to say, the new boss is the same as the old boss for state ethics agency"
Buffalo News (editorial)

December 29, 2022
"Reaction to executive director of NY ethics commission"
Your erie.com (Amal Tliage)



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