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The Shameful Afterlife of the Members
of the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption


Milton L. Williams, Jr. Esq.

2013-14:  Co-Chair, Commission to Investigate Public Corruption

CJA's August 5, 2013 letter --
"Keeping the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption True
to its Name & Announced Purpose"

VIDEO of CJA's September 17, 2013 oral testimony before Williams
"Cases are perfect paper trails.  There's a record, so it's easy to document judicial corruption...
...How are you going to deal with conflicts of interest?..."

CJA's written testimony -- different from the oral testimony

CJA's April 23, 2014 Intervention
in Legislature's declaratory judgment action

vs Commission to Investigate Public Corruption

2015:  Member, Commission on Statewide Attorney Discipline

VIDEO of CJA's August 11, 2015 testimony

2019 - present:  Vice-Chair, 1st Dept Attorney Grievance Committee

CJA's August 15, 2022 e-mail to AGC-1 Members --
"Each AGC-1 member's duty to ensure the proper functioning of AGC-1:
Complaint vs Chairs Anello & Reardon & Potentially Vice-Chairs Oquendo & Williams, Etc."


CJA's September 7, 2022 testimony in opposition to NYC Council confirmation
of Milton Williams, Esq. as chair of the NYC Conflicts of Interest Board
& Anthony Crowell, Esq. as member of the NYC Planning Commission


"Mayor Adams Names Milton Williams, Jr. to Chair Conflicts of Interest Board"
Mayor Press Release -- August 5, 2022
“'The Conflicts of Interest Board is a critical component of good government in our city.
It ensures that city employees are informed of and abide by their ethical obligations as public servants,'
City Hall Chief Counsel Brendan McGuire. 'Milton Williams’ record of integrity,
accomplishment, and collaboration make him an exceptional choice for the position of chair.'"

"Who's who in Eric Adams' Administration"
City & State
"McGuire previously led the public corruption unit for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York.
Back in March, McGuire wrote an op-ed in 
the Daily News calling on strict anti-corruption standards for the next mayor."

December 17, 2021
"He's Prosecuted Pirates and Arms Dealers. Now He'll Advise Eric Adams"
NYT (Benjamin Weiser, William Rashbaum)

"Eric Adams taps former fed prosecutor as top legal advisor"
NY Post (Nolan Hicks)

CJA's May 13, 2013 letter to U.S. Attorney Bharara --
"United States of America v. John Sampson --
"Deal-making that Advances the Corruption Fighting Agenda of U.S. Attorney Bharara
and Repudiates the Appearance and Reality that Black & Hispanic Legislators
are being Invidiously Investigated & Prosecuted"  


Written testimony of Fund for Modern Courts Chairman  Milton L. Williams, Jr.
for Legislature's January 30, 2012 hearing on Judiciary budget

Written testimony of Fund for Modern Courts Chairman Milton L. Williams, Jr.
for Legislature's February 6, 2013 hearing on Judiciary budget







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