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Inauguration & swearing in

CJA's August 6, 2021 e-mail
to Westchester District Attorney Miriam Rocah --
"Gov. Cuomo's potential crimes that you are investigating, sua sponte -- & the status of CJA's Jan. 19, 2021 FULLY-DOCUMENTED signed complaint of actual crimes, involving him, in which Westchester public officers are colluding beneficiaries"

CJA's February 12, 2021 e-mail to D.A. Rocah --
"AGAIN:  Public corruption/grand jury complaint vs Westchester County state legislators & other public officers for 'wilful misconduct in office' involving fraud and larceny pertaining to their own salary raises & the state & county budgets -- plus FOIL"

CJA's January 19, 2021 e-mail to D.A. Rocah --
"Public corruption/grand jury complaint vs Westchester County state legislators & other public officers for 'wilful misconduct in office' involving fraud and larceny pertaining to their own salary raises & the state & county budgets -- plus FOIL request"

attached complaint form

CJA's June 16, 2020 message to Candidate Rocah 

CJA's August 7, 2020 e-mail to Candidate Rocah --
"What are your answers? June 16th message,
sent via the contact feature of your campaign website"


CJA's January 8, 2018 criminal/corruption complaint --
"(1) Criminal/Corruption Complaint against You & Complicit Public Officers and Others
Over Whom You Have Jurisdiction for 'Grand Larceny of the Public Fisc'
Arising from the Two State Commission Reports on which Your Larcenous District Attorney Salary Rests;
FOIL Request for Records Pertaining to Your Procedures for Handling Public Corruption Complaints in Which You Have Financial and Other Conflicts of Interest"

click here for:  substantiating evidentiary webpage 


The public corruption complaint -- involving the Westchester state legislator salaries --
that Westchester D.A. Scarpino has been "sitting on"

CJA's June 10, 2020 corruption/grand jury complaint
against Westchester County state legislators

* Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins – 35th SD
Senator Alessandra Biaggi, ESQ. – 34th SD
Senator Jamaal Bailey, ESQ. – 36th SD 
Senator Shelley Mayer, ESQ. – 37th SD
Senator David Carlucci – 38th SD
Senator Peter Harckham – 40th SD
Assemblywoman Amy Paulin – 88th AD
Assemblyman Gary Pretlow – 89th AD
Assemblyman Nader Sayegh, ESQ. –  90th AD
Assemblyman Steven Otis, ESQ.  –  91st AD
Assemblyman Thomas Abinanti, ESQ. –  92nd AD
Assemblyman David Buchwald, ESQ. –  93rd AD
Assemblyman Kevin Byrne – 94th AD

Assemblywoman Sandra Galef –  95th AD

click here for:  substantiating evidentiary webpage

 July 28, 2020 e-mail to Westchester County D.A. Anthony Scarpino --
attached FOIL

July 28, 2020 D.A. acknowledgment
September 24, 2020 response


click here for:
CJA's webpage for Westchester County

* * *

The Corruption of Preet Bharara -- as U.S. Attorney & Thereafter

CJA's April 15, 2013 corruption complaint to US Attorney Bharara 

2013 correspondence with US Attorney Bharara
pertaining to the April 15, 2013 corruption complaint

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara's April 30, 2014 letter --
responding to CJA's telephone communications regarding

March 28, 2014
Order to Show Cause -- CJA v. Cuomo citizen-taxpayer action

April 23, 2014
Order to Show Cause to Intervene
in Legislature's declaratory judgment action vs Commission to Investigate Public Corruption

2014-2015 correspondence with U.S. Attorney Bharara
pertaining to his cover-up of JCOPE's corruption --
& the corruption of U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch

September 2018 -- & Bharara's perpetuation of a corrupted NY Attorney General  
September 6, 2018 at Cooper Union

The Corruption of Berit Berger --
Executive Director of Columbia University's Center for the Advancement of Public Integrity

click here:  2019 correspondence

* * *


January 4, 2021
"Mimi Rocah sworn in as new Westchester County district attorney"
Journal News (Mark Lungariello)

January 4, 2021
"New Westchester County DA Mimi Rocah sworn in"
Channel 2

January 5, 2021
"Former Westchester District Attorney Scarpino joins private law practice"
Journal News (Christopher Eberhart)

January 6, 2021
"Rocah makes first appointments as Westchester District Attorney, including ex feds"
Journal News (Jonathan Bandler)

January 9, 2021
"DA Rocah Names Executive Team -- Call for Investigation into Mob Attack on the Capitol"
Yonkers Times

"LWVS Hosts Panelists Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Letitia James, Amy Paulin"

January 25, 2021
"LWVS celebrates its centennial with Letitia James, Amy Paulin, Andrea Stewart Cousins, and Mimi Rocah."
Scarsdale 10583  (Joanne Wallenstein)

January 28, 2021
"Women in New York Politics: LWV looks at challenges ahead"
Scarsdale News (Linda Leavitt)

 *  *  *




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