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Searching for Champions (Correspondence)

Governor Mario Cuomo


November 1, 1989 letter from Eli Vigliano, Esq., Founder and Chairman, Ninth Judicial Committee, hand-delivered to the Governor's Executive Chamber, requesting appointment of a Special Prosecutor to investigate multitudinous Election Law criminal violations and fraud in the Ninth Judicial District of NY in connection with the 1989 Three-Year Deal between Republican and Democratic party leaders for judicial cross-endorsements in the Ninth Judicial District and the judicial nominating conventions implementing it.
        Exhibit 1: Written Three-Year Judge-Trading Cross-Endorsements Deal
        Exhibit 2: "GOP supports move to make county judiciary non-partisan",
Gannett, 8/25/89

        Exhibit 3A: "Cross-endorsements of judicial candidates mute the public's voice",
guest column by Professor Janet Johnson, Gannett, 6/29/89
        Exhibit 3B: "Bipartisan deal judged to be in trouble", Gannett, 7/21/89
        Exhibit 3C: "Party leaders repackage deal on judges", Gannett, 8/23/89
Exhibit 3D: "District takes step toward bipartisan judiciary", Gannett, 8/20/89
     Exhibit 3E: "Two Parties Agree to Endorse One Slate of Judicial Candidates",
                             New York Times, 10/1/89

        Exhibit 3F: "Political leaders deal out full judicial slate", Gannett, 10/4/89
        Exhibit 4: Roll of Democratic Delegates -certified, 9/14/89
        Exhibit 5: Minutes of Democratic Judicial Convention -- 9th Judicial District,
                        filed 9/25/89

        Exhibit 6:  Certificate of Democratic Nominations, filed 9/25/89
        Exhibit 7A: "Political Advertisement": Emanuelli, 9/4/89
        Exhibit 7B: Fundraiser for Emanuelli, 10/26/89
        Exhibit 7C: "'Re-election' Day at bipartisan event", Gannett, 10/29/89
        Exhibit 7D: "Political Advertisement", Emanuelli, Gannett, 10/29/89 

June 18, 1991 letter from Doris L. Sassower, Ninth Judicial Committee's pro bono counsel, reiterating request for appointment of a Special Prosecutor to investigate judicial corruption in Castracan v. Colavita, et al., the Election Law case brought for judicial review of the constitutionality, legality, and ethical propriety of the 1989 Three-Year Deal and the implementing judicial nominating conventions.

            SEE:  Castracan v. Colavita - NY Judicial "Elections"  

June 19, 1991 transmittal coversheet from Doris L. Sassower for appointment of Special Prosecutor

July 15, 1991 letter from Governor Cuomo's Executive Chamber, declining to appoint a Special Prosecutor.

October 24, 1991 letter in further support of appointment of special prosecutor
from Doris L. Sassower to Governor Cuomo, outlining the fraudulent judicial decisions of New York State courts, covering up Election law fraud and other misconduct by state officials and political party leaders involved in the 1989 three-year, judge-trading, cross-endorsements deal, as set forth in
Castracan, et al. v. Colavita, et al. and Sady v. Murphy, et al.
   --  enclosures: 
Written Three-Year Judge-Trading Cross-Endorsement Deal

                "Cross-Endorsement: Questions of Protection",
                                Letter to the Editor, Doris L. Sassower, New York Times, June 9, 1991
                "Judicial Selection Panels: An Exercise in Futility",
                                column by Doris L. Sassower, New York Law Journal, October 22, 1971
                 Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory listing, 1989

          -- click here for particulars of Board of Election misconduct, set forth in Doris Sassower's October 28, 1990 affirmation & reply brief in Castracan v. Colavita

 SEE:  Castracan v. Colavita - NY Judicial "Elections"  
                            Sady v. Murphy - NY Judicial "Elections"

October 31, 1991 letter from NJC Director, Doris L. Sassower, identifying the systemic problem of "incompetent and corrupt judges who sit on the bench by virtue of their political ties " as financially ruinous to NY's economy and requesting an opportunity to make a "testimonial and documentary contribution to assist [the Governor] in implementing “new strategies to better utilize constrained resources more effectively.”

December 18, 1991 letter from Governor Cuomo's Executive Chamber declining to reconsider prior denial of NJC's request for appointment of a Special Prosecutor.

December 19, 1991 letter from NJC's Director, Doris L. Sassower, urging implementation of the Report and Recommendations of the Commission on Governmental Integrity (chaired by John Feerick, Dean of Fordham Law School), costing NYS taxpayers $10,000,000 to find out that "the lack of judicial competence and integrity has exacerbated, if not created, the financial crisis in our courts."
   -- enclosures:
   October 16, 1990 decision of Albany Supreme Court Justice Lawrence Kahn

          Eye-Witness Affidavit of Vincent Bonelli, October 14, 1990
Eye-Witness Affidavit of Eli Vigliano, Esq., October 14, 1990
Eye-Witness Affirmation of David Cohen, Esq., October 5, 1990







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